Sim-Stream is a user-friendly interface software that can easily organize thousands of records; describe river features relevant for aquatic species; calculate habitat suitability; and report on the actual and projected status of investigated watery homes. The software integrates field collected data with biologic literature based data, and enables the user to extrapolate the impact of multiple variables upon the river such as rainfall, water withdrawals, dam removals and climate change.  Sim-Stream provides multiple reporting options, such as time series charts, drop box selection of sites for comparison, and the overlay of data onto satellite imagery, thus affording the user comprehensive and flexible tools for interpretation. (See: About Software)

The software is designed to serve the MesoHABSIM approach in data management and computation of habitat simulations. MesoHABSIM allows for large scale planning of ecologically sensitive river restoration measures and flow management. MesoHABSIM is applied for the determination of Protected Instream Flows in the States of New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York.  MesoHABSIM has also been employed to ensure industry compliance. It is the only model of its kind, attracting a rapidly growing number of users worldwide. Read More...

The new, Windows 10 compatible, version of the software Sim-Stream09 is presently under development by Rushing Rivers. Projected release date: July 2018.

If you are interested in Sim-Stream 08 license please select Sim-Stream 8.0 purchase to view licensing conditions.