Environmental Consulting

Rushing Rivers offers technical support services to natural resource agencies, environmental groups and professionals transferring high end research to everyday application. The company provides expert opinion on habitat sustainability in environmentally sensitive projects such as construction of golf courses, hydropower dams, water supply reservoirs, surface and ground water withdrawals, river restoration planning, fish passage facilities. This will include limited field data collection, project documentation review, report writing and expert witness testimonies. Piotr Parasiewicz performs such services since 1990.

Professional Training

Rushing Rivers builds upon the training courses offered by Rushing Rivers Institute, expanding the offerings world wide. One week long courses in application of SIM-Stream technique will be offered throughout the year for fee using the facilities of professional associations and Universities.

Sim-Stream Software

This data management utility is a front end of Access database for analysis of habitat conditions for fish, freshwater mussels and invertebrates. The software is a remake of SIM-Stream7, written in The company will sell the software and users manual over the internet. We will also offer training and limited technical support for the software users via telephone or life chat.